Sunday, 19 November 2017

DIY: Banana Face Mask for Acnes and scars

November 19, 2017 2 Comments
Happy Sunday guys!!
It's the beginning of another awesome week and I trust you all are doing great.

Today I will be sharing with you guys a quick and effective way to get rid of acnes and scars which can be achieved by using a banana face mask.

I'm sure you guys might be wondering how a banana face mask would help get rid of your acne but trust me it works.

Banana face masks help keep the skin super soft and smooth and are the perfect homemade beauty treatment for those with dry,oily and sensitive skin.

The delicious fruit is full of vitamins and minerals that reduce the appearance of dark spots and other skin damages. It also increases the effectiveness of your sunscreens and boosts skin defence against UV exposure. Banana contains vitamin A which may help reduce inflammation and treat acne.
This is super cool right?
Yeah,it is.

So let's get started;

What you need:
*Few slices of small ripe bananas
*1/2 tablespoon baking soda
*1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

What to do:
*Peel off the ripe banana and mash with a spoon.
*Mix all ingredients well and apply to cleansed face.
*Gently massage for 2-3 minutes to your skin
*Keep it for 10-15 minutes and rinse off after.
*Repeat the same procedure at least twice a week for maximum result.

Why it works:
Lemon and baking powder have an anti-inflammation property which minimizes the swelling of acne,boils and so on. They help to maintain pH.
Banana face mask kills bacteria causing acne combined with lemon which is a great acne fighter.

That's it for today!
Thanks for reading!

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Monday, 13 November 2017

DIY:How to remove your makeup properly

November 13, 2017 1 Comments
Hey guys!!!
Welcome back to my blog!!

Today I'll be sharing with you guys easy tips on how to get rid of your makeup before bedtime. I know some of us are guilty of leaving our makeup on most of the time because of the stress and time.
Moreover leaving your makeup on before going to bed could cause a lot more harm on your skin which you would not want. You sure don't want to trade your smooth looking skin for something else.

So let's get started:
Step 1
Use a headband or towel on your head to keep your hair tidy so it won't get in the way of your routine.

Step 2
Gently and slowly remove your lashes before placing it back in it's case.

Step 3
Apply olive oil on your lips and brows to help break the products for easy removal.

Step 4
Use a Q-tip and facial makeup cleanser to remove eyeshadow products. Start from your upper lashes down to your lower lashes,then to your upper line down to your lower line.
Make sure you get to every nook and crany your makeup might have gotten stuck to.

Step 5
Use a facial cleansing wipe to wipe off every makeup on the entire face. The foundation,concealers and so on should be removed from the face by using both sides of the facial wipes.

Step 6
Apply a facial cleanser on your face with the help of a facial cleansing brush. Make sure you scrub off every excess product or oils that might still be settled on your face. Then rinse off with clean water.

Step 7
Apply a serum on your face to keep the face moisturized and hydrated.

Step 8
Prime your face with a moisturizing cream to help smoothen your face and keep it fresh and hydrated.

Super easy right?
That will be the end of my tips for today!
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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Blogger Recognition Award!!

November 02, 2017 0 Comments

Hey guys!!!
Welcome to a New Month!!!

It's exciting to be able to start yet another month with you guys and I'm looking forward to end of the year with you all as well.

Today I'll be writing to share with you guys great news!!
I know you might have already guessed what it is.
Marytalksbeauty has been chosen as a winner of the Blogger Recognition Award. I'm so overwhelmed i cannot contain my joy right now.

It came as a surprise to me because I was not really expecting it. This blog has been my baby for over two months now and I'm really grateful for having come this far.
This award was given to me at that very moment when I grew weary and tired but I'm really grateful this award came at the best moment and it made me realise my efforts are not in vain and that there are people who are interested in what I do.
So I want to use this medium to say thank everyone who believed in me and all my readers that have taken their time to read and comment on my posts. I really appreciate you guys.
Also for everyone following me on my social media platforms, shoutout to you guys!!
Love you all!

I know you might be wondering what exactly this award is all about but there's no need to because I'll be letting you in on that.
Basically, the blogger recognition award is an award given to bloggers from bloggers to recognise their hardwork as a blogger.
Frankly speaking,it's not that easy to run a blog. It takes a lot to maintain a blog successfully. So this award is a great way to congratulate bloggers on all the time and effort they put into making their blog excellent for their readers satisfaction.

I was nominated for this special award by one of the most amazing fashion bloggers I've known.
Kyia is the author and creator of XoXo,Kyia Dante and she has such an awesome personality. I love her style and you guys really need to check out her blog. Special shoutout to kyia for nominating me for this award!!
Thank you very much pretty girl!

I started marytalksbeauty in August, this year. I decided to start this blog mainly because of my passion for beauty,makeup to be precise and my wanting to share my experience and knowledge with the world.
I remember back then in August school was on break and I had so much time to myself. It was like the perfect timing to finally start something.
I was scared initially but then I knew deep down in my heart that everything would be okay. So I started this blog and it has been my pride ever since.

The first would be that you must be passionate about what you do. Passion is the drive that keeps you going when the hard time comes. Don't let anyone decieve you it won't always be good but it can get better if you keep trying. Success doesn't come overnight. You have to earn it.

The second would be that you have to be hardworking and committed. Once you are consistent and you are dedicated to whatever you do,the sky becomes your starting point.

1.Jamie from Still Jamie Blog
2.Jillian from Bride to Beauty Blog
3.Sylvia from Kesyhub blog

Thanks for reading guys!!!

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Makeup 101:Concealer tips and tricks

October 29, 2017 3 Comments

Hey beauties!!
Welcome back to my blog!

Trust you are all good .I know it's been like a week since I last posted but then it feels like it's been a month. I have been so busy with school work that I could hardly spare any time even though I tried.

I really missed you guys and I want to work on my time management so I'll try to work on my schedule now to make sure I post at least twice a week. So if you're not yet subscribed to the blog please do to get notified on my latest posts.

Today I'm going to be starting up a new series on the blog on makeup tips and tricks that you should be know about and I'm sure you guys are gonna love it and find it helpful.
The series would be tagged Makeup 101 and it's gonna run for a whole month.
You surely don't wanna miss out!
I'm really excited and I trust you are too.

I'm going to be starting out this series with concealer tips and tricks.
I'll be sharing with you guys the best ways to use your concealers day in day out.

Concealer is one of those makeup tools that I can hardly do without and I'm pretty sure it's the same for you guys. I literally love the fact that it's multipurpose and can be used in various ways which sounds amazing.

Below are the concealer tips and tricks you'll find really helpful:
1.Know the type of concealer to use for your coverage

There are different types of concealers available in the market. You have to identify the want that best suits your need.
* Cream and sticks concealers are best used for high coverage because of their thick consistency and matte effects. They cover pimples,dark under eye circles and blemishes

*Pencil concealers are best used for medium to high coverage and are mostly used for highlighting and contouring.

*Liquid concealers are for medium coverage and are easier to apply. I know a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers use this because they blend so easily.
They help brighten the under eye area and help even the skin tone.

2.Apply your concealer correctly
This can be done by applying your concealer in an upside down triangle underneath the eyes. Many of us prefer to only swipe it underneath the eyes which is so wrong.
You must also make sure you dab to blend to make sure your makeup stays put and you achieve the desired result.

3.Use your concealer for these
* Eye-shadow primer
You could use your concealer as an eye-shadow primer by applying it on your eyelids as a base before applying your eye-shadow. Just like an eye-shadow primer it makes sure your eye-shadow stays put and removes excess dust.

*Eye cream
You could use your concealer as an eye cream if you have tired eyes and you need your eyes to pop and look brighter.

*Defining your brows
You could use a concealer to define your brows. It's advisable to use a shade lighter than your skin tone to serve as an highlight.

*Add volume to your lashes
You could use a concealer to achieve fuller and thicker lashes by using a Q tip to apply the concealer before applying your mascara.

4.Use the right concealer color
There are different colors of concealers in the market but you wanna make sure you go for the one that goes on and blends well with your skin color.

You could also mix your concealer with your lipsticks or eye-shadow to get the exact color shade on your skin and to achieve your desired result.

5.Always set your concealer
You don't want to apply your concealer without setting it with your powder.
It helps your concealer last long and stay put all day.

That will be the end of my post for today!!

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

12 Basic Brushes for Everyday Makeup Routine

October 21, 2017 2 Comments

Hey guys!!
I've been longing to share this post for a while now because I know how important it is in our everyday makeup routines.
I'm really excited I can finally share this post with you guys.

I know most of us particularly those who just started out with makeup might be confused as to what brushes to use and what to use them for.
It's okay to feel you have to own all the brushes,I was once in your shoes.
But the truth is you really don't have to own all the brushes to create that stunning look especially for some of us who are on a budget and don't want to spend so much on brushes. You only need basic brushes that will help and you will find most useful in your everyday makeup routine.
Although you have to invest in quality brushes because they are a good investment,if well cared for could last a few years.
I know a couple of brands that have good quality brushes. I will recommend any of the brands below:
Budget: e.l.f. Studios,real techniques

So let's get started:
1.Beauty blender

I'm starting out with a beauty blender which might not be a brush in actual sense but is needed for that seamless look.It is used to blend in foundation and other liquid products for lighter coverage.
Note:Dampen before use

2.Powder Brush

It is used basically for applying any lighter coverage powders like blush or bronzer.

3.Foundation Brush

It is used for to apply foundation flawlessly and is best applied in a circular motion.

4.Contour Brush

It comes as an angled brush that allows for precise contouring along the cheekbones.

5.Fan Brush

It is lightly dusts on powder like hughlighter or bronzer. It is also used to dust off any excess makeup products on the face like eye shadow fall out.

6.Concealer Brush

It is allows for the precise application and blending of concealer .

7.Angled Liner Brush

It used for lining the eyes with an eyeliner or eyeshadow. It can also be used to fill in the eyebrows.

8.Dome Shadow Brush

It is used to apply lid or brow bone colors.

9.Fluffy Shadow Brush

It us used to blend out harsh lines in eyeshadow or quickly apply color.

10.Mini Shadow Brush

It is used for concentrating color on the smallest areas of the eyes. It is perfect for a smokey eye look.

11.Angled Shadow Brush

It is used for applying and blending eye shadows.

12.Lip Brush

It is used to apply lip balm or lipstick on the lips for a more precise application.

That will be the end of my list for today!
Thanks for reading!!

You can purchase e.l.f. brushes on my shop page for a discounted price.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

20 Trendy Nail Looks to try out this season

October 20, 2017 0 Comments

Hey beauties!!
Welcome back to my blog!

Nails can be everything especially during holidays or fun periods when we all want to wear nails that suit the season.

We all want cute nails,right?..
But not everyone has the time nor money to visit the nail salon every week. Some don't even visit at all.

Luckily today, I'll be sharing with you guys trendy and gorgeous nail looks to try out this season. You could create this looks yourself or ask your manicurist to.


That will be all for today!!
Thanks for reading!

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