Tuesday, 29 August 2017

15 Essential Makeup Tools/Products Every Girl Should Own

It's every girl's dream to steal the spot light and attract admirers.
Looking our best has always been of utmost priority.In order to achieve this we have to own our basic beauty products.
These are 15 essential makeup tools/products every girl should own.

              1.Face primer
Makeup primer is one of the basic products to use for your everyday makeup routine.It serves as a base for your foundation and also helps in getting your makeup stay put during extreme weather conditions.

Makeup foundation is a skin coloured makeup you can apply to your face to create an even, uniform colour to your complexion, to cover your flaws and sometimes change your natural skin tone.

A concealer is a makeup product used to mask dark circles,age spots,and other small blemishes visible on the skin.It is similar to foundation but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending into the imperfections into the natural skin tone. 

4.Highlighter and contour kit
This is a kit containing beauty products used to emphasize some part of the face,such as the eyes and cheekbones.They enhance features with a realistic glow to any makeup look.

5.Setting Powder
A setting powder is a cosmetic applied to the face to set your foundation after application. It can also be reapplied during the day to minimize shininess caused by an oily skin.

6.Eye-shadow pallette
This is a beauty product in one of various colours applied on the eyelids and underneath the eyebrows. It adds to the depths and dimensions of your eyes making your eyes appear larger  and attractive.

Glitters are an assortment of small,colourful, reflective particles used to make the face appear more shiny and sparkly.

8.Eyelash extensions
These are beauty products that help to enhance the length,fullness and thickness of your natural eyelashes.

9.Eyebrow pencil/pomade
This can be used to fill in the natural brows to make it fuller,delicate and well shaped.

Eyeliner is a beauty product usually applied in a thin line close to the lashes  or around the eyes to accentuate them.It can be applied around the contours of the eyes to create a variety of aesthetic effects.

11.Lash glue and holder
These are makeup tools used during the application of an eyelash extension.

12.Brush set 
This contains various makeup brushes in different sizes and shapes.These brushes are used during the application of makeup according to their respective use.

This is a cosmetic applied to the skin for contouring in order to make it slimmer especially in cameras.

This is generally used to darken or thicken the eyelashes.

15.Lip pencil and lipstick
These are beauty products used or intended to fill uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips and for protection of the lips thereby giving it a smooth shape.

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