Tuesday, 29 August 2017

5 Secrets To A Flawless Skin

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Have you ever wondered why your skin  is rough and dry?
It's probably because you have not known about the secrets to making your skin look ageless.

Today I would be sharing with you guys my 5 top secrets to having and maintaining a flawless skin.

1.Invest in cleansers,toners,moisturizers and facial scrubs:
Many people are ignorant of this and/or don't seem to take it seriously. These skincare products go a long way in rendering our skin soft and ageless.
Cleansers are perfect for removing dirt and oily substances on the face as well as bacteria. They also help to prevent acnes or pimples that clog around the skin area mainly from dirt and oils.

Toners help to maintain the natural skin tone and enhance skin radiance.
Moisturizers keep the skin wet and soft. Giving a spark and youthful shine.
Facial scrubs never fail in giving the face the right cleansing thereby giving way for youthfulness,beauty and color.

2.Always take off your makeup before going to bed:
This is a very important daily routine that prevents the clogging of the skin pores and acne. A lot of these products could cause negative effects on your skin if not properly washed off.

A flawless skin is achieved when we keep our skin free from beauty products after our daily activities.

3.Eat healthy foods and avoid oily and sugary foods:
Lots of vegetables and fruits are diets that keep the skin in check. Oily foods and fats should be avoided to ensure a healthy skin. Sugary foods should also be avoided because of the adverse effects they have on the skincare.

4.Drink eight glasses of water each day:
As simple and easy as this routine is, its benefits to skincare cannot be overemphasized. Water helps to flush the body system of unwanted materials most especially those that are spots friendly.

Water is essential for good health and flawless skin. A steady routine such as this helps in skincare.

5.Get eight hours of sleep each night:
Your beauty sleep everyday should be of great importance to you daily as this helps in proper skin maintenance and good health .It recommended to get a maximum of 8hours of sleep for healty skin.

Taking time out to rest saves the body from stress that could in the end affect the skin appearance.

That will be the end of my list!!

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