Saturday, 16 September 2017

10 Celebrity beauty secrets

It is no doubt that our celebrities have always succeeded in looking stunning and glowing in public.
 We all admire this their beauty and wish we could have that youthful glow at all times.
These beauty secrets are easy and simple and they work perfectly for everyone.

1.Thorough Skin Cleansing
The skin is delicate and therefore reacts readily to the environment.
Proper daily skincare routine is therefore very essential which includes bathing at least twice a day.
Makeup products should also be washed off the face before sleep to prevent blockage of pores and inflammation.

2.Use of sunscreen
According to cosmetics experts any effort made to achieve a healthy and glowing skin without constant use of sunscreen is futile.
Therefore we are advised to use creams with SPF's no less than thirty during the course of the day.

3.Keep your beauty tools clean
Our makeup brushes,sponges must always be washed and kept clean.
Constant use of dirty brushes could cause acne or pimples on the face.

4.Don't use scrubs and facial sponges especially if you are prone to acne
Use of scrubs or sponges on a face recovering or prone to acne is quite dangerous.
 It causes further spread of the acne on the face.

5.Take care of your hands
Always wash your hands after cleaning or preferably use gloves.
Do not rub your hands on your face because of dirty contacts with the skin.
You could also use constantly a hand sanitizer.

6.Facial massage helps get rid of unwanted circles under your eyes.
If you have eye bags or circles underneath your eyes a facial massage helps to get rid of it.

7.Always take off your bra before going to bed
As simple as this seems,many of us still ignore it. Going to bed with your bra on could prevent blood circulation around the chest because of the tightness of the bra to your skin.
It also causes dark marks beneath the bra
straps if done constantly.

8.Do not over dry your skin if there's an inflammation
Most anti-spot cream contain benzoyl peroxide that dries the skin. It further aggravates inflammation and increase in sebum.
 Exfoliates instead with salicylic or lactic acid and cleansing masks with clay are recommended.

9.Rub your face with an ice cube
Dermatologists advise rubbing the face with an icecube for a few seconds to prevent dull complexion.
It stimulates blood circulation and causes the skin to glow.

10.Exercise Regularly
Regular exercise causes blood circulation and gets rid of sweat and dirt. It helps the skin to glow and prevents ageing.

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