Monday, 18 September 2017

5 Tips to Long-lasting Manicure

Do you ever wish your manicure could last longer than it seldom lasts for?

Or have you always been careful about your manicure so much that even after using gloves while washing or cleaning your manicure still has a short life span?

Your worries are about to be over because I got you covered .I will be providing five easy and simple tips you could try out for your manicure to last for as long as you want.

1.Create a clean base for your manicure:
The first important thing to do is to remove oil and residues from your nail.
You can achieve this by washing your nails with antibacterial soap and water. Then you can go ahead to apply a nail cleanse prep to prepare your nails for a new manicure.

2.File your nails correctly:
Filing your nails in the wrong direction with a wrong file can cause your nails to split. Nail experts recommend using a glass file,which has the right amount of grittiness and ensures you to file in the right direction.

3.Have a good manicurist:
Use the help of a skilled and well trained manicurist for your desired long lasting manicure. It could make the difference between your previous manicures. Many at times it might not be majorly about using the wrong products.

4.Use a cuticle oil regularly:
Constant use of a cuticle oil moisturizes the nails and prevents shrinks and breakages.It prolongs the lifetime of your manicure and ensures it's durability.

5.Dry your nails adequately:
Not every manicure dries at the same time. It could be dependent on various factors such as temperature, humidity of the product used,the prep time and so on. The drying time is fully cured in about 24 hours therefore activities during that time could affect the longevity of your manicure either ways.

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  1. These are definitely helpful, I'm so rubbish at letting my nails dry properly and I always end up ruining them haha!

    Jess |