Tuesday, 26 September 2017

DIY:How to get darker,fuller and longer eyelashes(without eyelash extensions)

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Today I am going to be sharing a few tricks on how to get your natural lashes look darker,fuller and longer.

There are sometimes when we just want to look natural, probably we're going to school,church or to a social gathering and we don't want to look too flashy or excessive.

These tricks work perfectly for anyone whether you have naturally short or long eyelashes.

Step 1
Curl your eyelashes with a eyelash curler:
The first thing you are going to do is to use your eyelash curler to curl up your lashes and make them more pronounced.
You can get this done by lifting your eyelid so you can the curler as close to eyelash root as possible,then get your lashes into curler and leave for a few seconds.

Step 2
Use a waterproof mascara:
While using a mascara make sure you use one that is a little bit dry.
You can get this done by applying your mascara from the root all the way to the top of your eyelashes and make sure the brush is close to the eyelash so it touches it.

Step 3
Use your tweezers:
You want to make sure your lashes are separated and straightened out.

Step 4
Apply your mascara again:
To make your lashes darker and thicker apply your mascara again to achieve that.

Bottom lashes

Step 5
Use a lash primer:
Prime your bottom lashes with a lash primer.

Step 6:
Use a mascara:
Apply a mascara for your bottom lashes to make it more pronounced and straightened out.

That will be the end of my tips for today.

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