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DIY:5 Easy and Natural Ways to get rid of Acne/Darkspots

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Today is going to be all about skincare and I am so excited about today's post.

If you are a beauty lover like me ,then I am sure you will be concerned about your skin and it's appearance and of course care for it as much as I do.

So I know a couple of us might be battling with acnes and dark spots on our faces.It can be really dissapointing when you wake up every morning,look in the mirror and your face is a mess.

I perfectly understand how that feels because I've been a victim before and I know it's sickening to have acnes on your face.

Many of us result to heavy makeup and then become less proud of our natural skin but today you are about to bid those dark spots goodbyes because I'll be sharing with you 5 easy,simple and effective ways to get rid of the acnes/dark spots quickly.

(Note:This procedures require about two weeks for maximum results).

Everyday Routine
1.Use of a facial cleanser with an exfoliating brush

What you need:
Daily Facial Wash and an exfoliating brush

What you need to do:
Put a small quantity of your facial wash on your exfoliating brush,then apply on your whole face for about 1-2minutes.
Concentrate more on the dark spots

Why it works:
The facial wash with the use of the exfoliating brush penetrates deep into the skin and washes off dirts and oils that clog the skin pores and cause pimple on the skin.
It also washes off the dark spots and cleanses the face from all blemishes.

2.Use of Shea butter/coconut oil mixed with lemon essential oil

What you need:

Shea butter plus coconut oil and Lemon essential oil

What you need to do:
Put a desired quantity of the Shea butter on the palm of your hand,then add 7-8drops of your lemon essential oil and rub together against your palms.
This should be carried out every morning and night.

Why it works:
Shea butter mixed with lemon essential oil revitalizes the skin and gets rid of dark spots effectively.
The Shea butter helps to dilute the essential oil due to its strong acidic properties.

Acne treatment Routine

3.Use of black soap

What you need:

African black soap

What you need to do:

Take a little quantity with your fingertip and dab it on the area of the dark spot or acne.Then leave it on your face till the next morning.

Why it works:
It burns the spot and dries it out leaving your skin ance free but it might leave a dark scab which leads me to next point.

4.Invest in essential oils

What you need:
Peppermint essential oil and Tea tree essential oil

What you need to do:
Apply on the affected area.

Why it works:
They serve as natural disinfectants. They revitalize the skin and render it spot free.

5.Use of Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

What you need:

Pore refining charcoal nose strips

What you need to do:

Place on the nose

Why it works:
It gets rid of acnes around that area

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  1. Nice article :) I am surely going to try these!

  2. I did not even know they had a brush you could use. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I also hate acne, it makes me feel uneasy. thanks for advice.

    1. You are most definitely welcome. Thanks for reading

  4. I've never actually used an exfoliating brush to wash my face with but I might have to try that now!

  5. These are great! I already use the shea and coco oil but never thought to mix the two in addition to the lemon essential oil! I'll def be trying. xoxo

  6. Thanks for sharing your advice. I'd be careful about essential oils, they need to be diluted a lot otherwise they can be harmful for the skin (like irritate it).