Friday, 29 September 2017

DIY:How to draw your perfect twin eyebrows

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So today is going to be all about your eyebrows. It's time to get your eyebrows on fleek.

I'll be sharing with you guys today a step by step tutorial on how to get the perfect, natural looking eyebrows that you will love.

Materials needed:
*A spoolie
Spoolie for eyebrow

*A flat angled brush

LA Girl Pro Concealer

*Brow pomade/eye pencil
Brow Pomade


*Blending brush
Blending brush

Step 1:
The first thing you need to do is to brush up your brow hairs outwardly. This can be done with a spoolie.

Step 2:
Dip your flat angled brush into your eyebrow pomade and then make short-like strokes that will fill up the spaces between your brows.
Before doing this make sure you leave a space at the edge of your brows before applying the eyebrow pomade to fill in the brows.
Then trace your arch by drawing your your brush downwards.And for the top extend a curve and trace to the lower arch.

Step 3:
Blend in the eyebrow pomade with your eyebrows by using the spoolie again.

Step 4:
Apply your concealer on your flat brush,then trace out your eyebrows with your concealer using short-like strokes.Make sure the concealer is as close to your brows as it can.
Do the same for the top of your eyebrows.

Step 5:
Blend out your concealer with a small blending brush to give your eyebrows a clean and defined look.

Step 6:
Apply your highlighter to the arch of your eyebrows to give a glow and finished look.

That will be end of my tutorial. I hope you've found this helpful.
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I believe with constant practices you will in no time become a pro in getting your eyebrows on fleek.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great tips! My parent tells me sometimes my brows are sisters not twins- eek!