Tuesday, 19 September 2017

DIY:How to wear your lipstick like a pro

Hey beauties!

Today is all about achieving a perfectly smooth and matte lip for our everyday makeup looks.

Many of us still don't know about the tricks to getting that perfect lip look but I'll be letting you in on that.

These are the easy and simple ways to wear your lipstick like a pro.

Step 1
Prime your lips:
The first thing to do is prime the lips with a Vaseline for about ten minutes. It creates a thick base on the lips and softens it. Then wipe off buffing the lips with a dry tooth brush.

Step 2
Line your lips:
When lining your lips a lip liner that matches your skin tone should be used. Preferably a nude lip liner depending on how you want to combine colors. It creates a foundation and helps the lipstick stick better to the lips and it also ensures the lipstick doesn't wear off quickly.

Step 3
Apply your lipstick:
Choose a great color for your lips.
Start to apply at the middle of the lips first before spreading out to the other corners of the lips. Make sure you fill the lips properly with the lipstick.

Step 4
Set the lips with a setting powder:
Use the appropriate brush to set a little of your setting powder on your lipstick. You can apply a little more of the lipstick on top.

Step 5
Conceal the edges of your lips:
Take a little bit of your concealer and carve to the edges of your lips in a way that shapes the lips. It creates a better shape for your lips and pops it out more.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful.
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  1. Applying lipstick perfectly it is hardest thing to do for me. I have small lips and I am always in trouble with them. Thank you for sharing this I will try all of those steps. ��

  2. Cool! I used to set lipsticks with powder but haven't do that in a while ;)