Monday, 4 September 2017

DIY:How to take the best selfie photos

Our greatest memories of all time are often from our selfie photos. Therefore we all strive to look great in our selfie photos.
Today,I'll be sharing the best ways to go about taking your selfies.

1.The first thing we have to look out for while taking our selfie is a good background. This is really important because you don't want to spoil your photo with a dirty or inappropriate background look.

2.The second thing we should always look out for is good lightening. Natural light is the best because it brightens the photo and sharpens the images that shows afterwards.

3.Then,the next thing to do is position the camera in the best direction. Make sure it captures your cheekbones and your pretty eyes. It is best positioned slightly above the head to reveal your complete face.
 If you are taking a full selfie it's better taken in front of a full mirror. It shows your curves and your nice attire too.

4.Don't forget to put up a good expression. This could be done by smiling,sticking the tongue out a little, or making a funny face.
It's okay to be yourself while taking your selfie photos.

5.Take selfies with your friends, family members or loved ones. It creates amazing memories you could fall back on.

7.Use filters
Using filters can be a great way of taking the best selfies. Instagram filters are the best for taking quality pictures while snap chats takes amazing photos for funny characters.

8.Dont overuse filters
It's okay to use filters but don't overuse .It becomes really bad when you don't look like your real self after using so many filters.

9.Take as many photos as you can
You never when you'll capture the best sefie photo,so take your time and take as many as you can

10.Seize every moment
Every great moment is an opportunity to take the best selfies.It enables you to have great memories afterwards.

These are my tips and I hope you will find them useful.

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