Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Top 15 famous Nigerian Youtubers

YouTube has been a major platform for talented people who love what they do and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.
Nigeria has been able to produce amazing Youtubers over the years.

1.Jackie Aina
With over 1.6million subscribers on YouTube,Jackie has proven to be one of the famous personalities on YouTube. She is a top beauty influencer and licensed cosmetologist.

2.Patricia Bright
Patricia posts videos on female fashion,beauty and hair tutorials. Her videos help her viewers beauty needs.
She joined YouTube on February 20,2009 and has over 1.4million subscribers now.

3.Shirley.B Eniang
She loves beauty and styles. She joined YouTube on December 28,2008 and has over 700k subscribers on her channel now.

4.Jennie Jenkins
She does makeup tutorials to beauty and fashion and so on.She joined August 11,2010 and now has over 600k subscribers on her channel.

5.Shalom Blac
Her channel is to share her story and makeup tutorials and fashion styles.
She joined January 7,2014 and now has over 300k subscribers.

6.Toni Olaoye
She is a self taught makeup artist on YouTube 200k followers.She is currently taking Business Management in the downtown core of Toronto.She provides yet entertains her viewers on useful step by step makeup tutorials.

7.Omabelle TV
Omabelle is obssessed with all things beauty.Her channel features videos of her and her experience in makeup, hair,fashion and lifestyle.

She is known for her thrift haul videos and hair tutorials. She joined YouTube May 18,2014 and has over 200k followers on her channel.

9.Estare Live
Estare is a London born,Lagos raised,spontaneous and slightly outrageous individual. She shares her likes and loves and everything in between to her users.

10.Lizzie loves
Lizzie is a 22 year old from London.She makes beauty and lifestyle videos weekly.She also loves inspiring women.

11.Chizi Duru
She originally created her channel because of the underrepresentation of kinkier hair textures but as her channel grew she expanded to other things like advice,beauty tips and daily vlogs.

12.Dimma Umeh
She is a makeup lover, a fashion enthusiast and a sucker for all things lifestyle. She has over 100k subscribers on her channel.

13.Ronke Raji
She is a Nigerian DMV based beauty and lifestyle influencer and makeup enthusiast who honestly just loves having fun.

14.Uwani Aliyu
She does hair,makeup,beauty and lifestyle videos.She joined February 7,2010 and over 40k subscribers on YouTube.

15.Vivian Okezie
Vivian is a Nigerian schooling in North Cyprus.She creates videos that empower,inspire and push people in a positive direction.

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