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12 Basic Brushes for Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys!!
I've been longing to share this post for a while now because I know how important it is in our everyday makeup routines.
I'm really excited I can finally share this post with you guys.

I know most of us particularly those who just started out with makeup might be confused as to what brushes to use and what to use them for.
It's okay to feel you have to own all the brushes,I was once in your shoes.
But the truth is you really don't have to own all the brushes to create that stunning look especially for some of us who are on a budget and don't want to spend so much on brushes. You only need basic brushes that will help and you will find most useful in your everyday makeup routine.
Although you have to invest in quality brushes because they are a good investment,if well cared for could last a few years.
I know a couple of brands that have good quality brushes. I will recommend any of the brands below:
Budget: e.l.f. Studios,real techniques

So let's get started:
1.Beauty blender

I'm starting out with a beauty blender which might not be a brush in actual sense but is needed for that seamless look.It is used to blend in foundation and other liquid products for lighter coverage.
Note:Dampen before use

2.Powder Brush

It is used basically for applying any lighter coverage powders like blush or bronzer.

3.Foundation Brush

It is used for to apply foundation flawlessly and is best applied in a circular motion.

4.Contour Brush

It comes as an angled brush that allows for precise contouring along the cheekbones.

5.Fan Brush

It is lightly dusts on powder like hughlighter or bronzer. It is also used to dust off any excess makeup products on the face like eye shadow fall out.

6.Concealer Brush

It is allows for the precise application and blending of concealer .

7.Angled Liner Brush

It used for lining the eyes with an eyeliner or eyeshadow. It can also be used to fill in the eyebrows.

8.Dome Shadow Brush

It is used to apply lid or brow bone colors.

9.Fluffy Shadow Brush

It us used to blend out harsh lines in eyeshadow or quickly apply color.

10.Mini Shadow Brush

It is used for concentrating color on the smallest areas of the eyes. It is perfect for a smokey eye look.

11.Angled Shadow Brush

It is used for applying and blending eye shadows.

12.Lip Brush

It is used to apply lip balm or lipstick on the lips for a more precise application.

That will be the end of my list for today!
Thanks for reading!!

You can purchase e.l.f. brushes on my shop page for a discounted price.

Let me know in the comment section if you've found this post helpful and your favorite brands for brushes.

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  1. Brilliant post, most women and girls get confused when makeup brush shopping and most end up using the wrong brushes, this guide should be helpful for anyone looking to buy makeup brushes for different jobs, be it to apply lipstick or blusher.

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