Wednesday, 11 October 2017

5 Best Photo Selfie Camera Apps

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There are tons of apps for selfie photos with different editing skills some of which are good and some bad. You only realise the bad ones after you have downloaded it with your data and it can be painful and disappointing.

So it's time to discover the best selfie cameras that will blow your mind and win your heart. These apps are great for enabling you capture every moment you treasure and wish to share with the world.

Below are five best photo editing apps for selfie photos to serve as the ideal complement to your smartphone camera.


Facetune is a funny photo editor for making selfie photos look way more shiny and attractive.
It provides easy-to-use powerful tools to retouch and perfect every photo or selfie making you look like a celebrity.
It has so many amazing features amongst them are:
It widens or refine your smile
Whiten and brighten your teeth
It rejuvenates your skin
Removes temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes
Brightens your undereyes dark circles
Change your eye color
Refine your jawlines
Heighten your cheekbones and brows
Reshapes your nose
Add vivid makeup
Enhance your photos
Enables you to share on all of your social media platforms
It also has great filters for the perfect looking selfie.
This app is so amazing and I absolutely think you should try it out.

2.Beauty Plus

Beauty plus is a beauty app that doesn't fail to give you that flawless selfie photo look that you desire .
It is a magical camera that allows you to make small modifications on your selfie photos, enhancing your features leaving you looking all the better for them.
It allows you to smooth out your complexion,brighten your face, make your face contour narrower,giving you the most attractive appearance.
You could also use this magical camera to make more radical changes to your photos by adding all kinds of stickers as well as filter effects like brilliance that gives your photos the best touch.


Retrica is one of my favourite selfie apps because of the great features it offers you to try out.
It includes more than 80 different styles that are suitable for all tastes and colors. One of the most amazing features in this app is it enables you make photo collages rather than take normal photos just by selecting an option. You can take up to nine consecutive snapshots in order to create a fun,original composition.

4.Sweet Selfie

Candy selfie is that app that enables you give your photos a completely new look.It includes tons of filters but the best part of this app is that it has impressive tools that can be used to edit different parts of your face.
It allows you to whiten your teeth,makes your face look thinner.
In just a few seconds,you can give yourself painless plastic surgery operations. It also that many great stickers you could add to your photos as well as different frames.

5.Snap chat

I know many many of us are familiar with this app.Not only is it a social media platform it is also a great app for taking the best selfie photos.
It has so many amazing features that gives us the best funny looks .
You could also make funny videos with this app and share with your friends and family.

That will be the end of my list!!
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  1. I'm so clueless when it comes to selfie app so thanks for showing them! This is useful!

  2. My favourite app is Facetune because it enables me to light up pictures and whiten only what I want! Really nice and useful post!

  3. Clearly, great quality photographs can help gain those experiences of your extraordinary events, very essential.

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