Sunday, 8 October 2017

Product Review:Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel

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Today I'll be reviewing a new skincare product and that is the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel.

Olay is a skincare brand that has been in existence for a while now and I know many of us are familiar with this brand.
It is a brand that is well known for eye creams,facial wash,anti-ageing products and moisturizers.

Olay Eyes Deep Hydration Eye Gel is an eye cream that helps to fight visible signs of fatigue and tiredness.
The hyaluronic acid formula instantly hydrates tired eyes for a wide awake refreshed look.
It comes in a small jar of 15ml with a solid and rich consistency.

This product reduces eyebags,puffiness underneath the eyes and dark circles as well.
It is really hydrating and goes smoothly on the skin.I love the fact that you only a dab of the product is just enough for application.

After application it takes a while to dry before applying makeup and it feels a little sticky after the product dries on the skin.

My Recommendation
If you are an extremely busy person with little or no sleep whether you are an all-nighter student or someone with a busy schedule and you don't want your eyes showing how tired you are I will recommend the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Gel. It's a lifesaver because it keeps your eyes bright and awake and also reduces the puffiness underneath your eyes.

I know many of us are a bit skeptical about eyecreams because we are not so sure if it going to work perfectly for our skin but I think you should definitely give this a try.



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  1. Great review, this includes all the info that one needs to know. I just wish this is available in my country. Hopefully I'll remember to look for it when I next visit the mall!

  2. Nice review, a detailed one. It seems a great product and I look forward to try it.
    Thanks for sharing this. :-)

  3. Great review.. It is helpful to know about the drying time before applying make-up. I don't have much time in the morning to wait around for it to dry completely.

  4. I appreciate your honesty on this review. I've heard commercials about it but you never hear about the dislikes.. I like that you added that part.