Monday, 13 November 2017

DIY:How to remove your makeup properly

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Today I'll be sharing with you guys easy tips on how to get rid of your makeup before bedtime. I know some of us are guilty of leaving our makeup on most of the time because of the stress and time.
Moreover leaving your makeup on before going to bed could cause a lot more harm on your skin which you would not want. You sure don't want to trade your smooth looking skin for something else.

So let's get started:
Step 1
Use a headband or towel on your head to keep your hair tidy so it won't get in the way of your routine.

Step 2
Gently and slowly remove your lashes before placing it back in it's case.

Step 3
Apply olive oil on your lips and brows to help break the products for easy removal.

Step 4
Use a Q-tip and facial makeup cleanser to remove eyeshadow products. Start from your upper lashes down to your lower lashes,then to your upper line down to your lower line.
Make sure you get to every nook and crany your makeup might have gotten stuck to.

Step 5
Use a facial cleansing wipe to wipe off every makeup on the entire face. The foundation,concealers and so on should be removed from the face by using both sides of the facial wipes.

Step 6
Apply a facial cleanser on your face with the help of a facial cleansing brush. Make sure you scrub off every excess product or oils that might still be settled on your face. Then rinse off with clean water.

Step 7
Apply a serum on your face to keep the face moisturized and hydrated.

Step 8
Prime your face with a moisturizing cream to help smoothen your face and keep it fresh and hydrated.

Super easy right?
That will be the end of my tips for today!
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