Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Blogger Recognition Award!!

Hey guys!!!
Welcome to a New Month!!!

It's exciting to be able to start yet another month with you guys and I'm looking forward to end of the year with you all as well.

Today I'll be writing to share with you guys great news!!
I know you might have already guessed what it is.
Marytalksbeauty has been chosen as a winner of the Blogger Recognition Award. I'm so overwhelmed i cannot contain my joy right now.

It came as a surprise to me because I was not really expecting it. This blog has been my baby for over two months now and I'm really grateful for having come this far.
This award was given to me at that very moment when I grew weary and tired but I'm really grateful this award came at the best moment and it made me realise my efforts are not in vain and that there are people who are interested in what I do.
So I want to use this medium to say thank everyone who believed in me and all my readers that have taken their time to read and comment on my posts. I really appreciate you guys.
Also for everyone following me on my social media platforms, shoutout to you guys!!
Love you all!

I know you might be wondering what exactly this award is all about but there's no need to because I'll be letting you in on that.
Basically, the blogger recognition award is an award given to bloggers from bloggers to recognise their hardwork as a blogger.
Frankly speaking,it's not that easy to run a blog. It takes a lot to maintain a blog successfully. So this award is a great way to congratulate bloggers on all the time and effort they put into making their blog excellent for their readers satisfaction.

I was nominated for this special award by one of the most amazing fashion bloggers I've known.
Kyia is the author and creator of XoXo,Kyia Dante and she has such an awesome personality. I love her style and you guys really need to check out her blog. Special shoutout to kyia for nominating me for this award!!
Thank you very much pretty girl!

I started marytalksbeauty in August, this year. I decided to start this blog mainly because of my passion for beauty,makeup to be precise and my wanting to share my experience and knowledge with the world.
I remember back then in August school was on break and I had so much time to myself. It was like the perfect timing to finally start something.
I was scared initially but then I knew deep down in my heart that everything would be okay. So I started this blog and it has been my pride ever since.

The first would be that you must be passionate about what you do. Passion is the drive that keeps you going when the hard time comes. Don't let anyone decieve you it won't always be good but it can get better if you keep trying. Success doesn't come overnight. You have to earn it.

The second would be that you have to be hardworking and committed. Once you are consistent and you are dedicated to whatever you do,the sky becomes your starting point.

1.Jamie from Still Jamie Blog
2.Jillian from Bride to Beauty Blog
3.Sylvia from Kesyhub blog

Thanks for reading guys!!!

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