Saturday, 9 December 2017

Makeup 101:Order of Makeup Application

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Sometimes I wonder if there was a specific guideline to wearing makeup because I realized almost everyone wears makeup in an order that best suits them.
I do not think there is any particular order that is mandatory to follow while applying makeup but one thing I do know is that first things should come first while last things should fall last.
To achieve a flawless makeup look there are things we should take into consideration during our everyday makeup routine.
Frankly speaking, I believe following this steps will not only help us to achieve the desired look but also save time and stress of applying your makeup.
Therefore, I decided today I'll be sharing with you guys the right steps to be followed while applying makeup and I hope you find them helpful.

These are the steps in the most accurate order:

3.Brow gel
4.Eyeshadow Primer
7.Eyelash Curler

You want to make sure you do not apply your foundation before applying your eyeshadow due to fall out that might occur from the eyeshadow.
You also want to be sure to apply your highlight after applying all face products to enhance the glow on your face and render your face flawless.

That will be the end of my post for today!!
Thanks for reading!
Let me know in the comment section below your order of makeup application.

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