Monday, 18 June 2018

Former Big Brother Naija Housemate Ifuennada shares her Nigerian Natural Hair Journey

So it's been a few months since the adorable Ifuennada Former Big Brother Naija Housemate stepped out of the Big Brother House. She has won all our hearts with her amazing natural hair growth journey ever since her stay in the Big Brother Naija House and even up till now.
We can't stop loving her natural hair growth process as she has remains a source of inspiration to many natural hair growth lovers.
"My hair is about a year and three months now and I can tell you it's about 12 inches long",she said.

A lot of her fans have been asking her questions about her natural hair growth process like how she was able to grow her 12inches natural long hair,what products she was using,how she could help them grow their natural hair. She took to her YouTube Channel 'Ennada Tv ' to share the secrets to her hair growth.

"When I started my hair journey,it was a whole lot of trial and error,reading up so many research materials, trying to understand what my hair was like and how to grow my hair but then I found out that 3 things are basic if you are looking to grow your hair",she said.

Here are some of her tips for growing and maintaining strong and healthy hair:                                                          
1.Moisturize your hair regularly.         
When you have dry hair your hair has a lot of tendencies for breakage. Hair breakage does not translate into hair growth which is bad for your hair.

2.Trim your split ends.                          
Split ends causes breakage and it lowers the rate of fast hair growth. Therefore consistent trimming of split ends is needed to ensure fast and healthy growth for your natural hair.

3.Wear Protective Hairstyles.                
Protective hairstyles saves the hair from manipulation especially during the harmattan season for those of us in Africa,Nigeria to be precise. Protective styles to try includes:
Wearing a wig or braiding the hair.

She also mentioned using water,sheabutter and oil for moisturizing at home. This can be done by spraying the water to get the hair soft and then adding on shea butter by working it through the hair. Aloe vera could also be added to the mixture to get the hair a little softer.

For a full details on her Natural Hair Growth Journey, watch her video below:

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