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Beginner Makeup Essentials 101 #BUDGETFRIENDLY(PART 1)

Almost every girl in the 21st century loves makeup. It's so much fun knowing you could make yourself look more pretty. It's amazing and I know that feeling. Trust me I've been there before*winks . We wish we could do our own makeup,get ourselves glammed up but some of us have absolutely no idea on how to go about it(what to shop for,where to shop,what to buy).

I've decided to start a new series on the blog that would last for about a month. It would center on everything you need to know and how to get started on your makeup journey. It is going to be basically for beginners those of us that are about to start out doing our own makeup and even possibly making a career out of it. So make sure you are subscribed to the blog for daily useful content on my new series.

I'll be starting out with the basic beginner makeup essentials every beginner needs. What you really need to purchase while starting out with makeup without having to break the bank.
So let's get started:
#1. A brush set
The first important tool you need for applying makeup is a brush set. You cannot apply makeup successfully without a good quality brush set. It is a. Must-have for you as a beginner. This does not mean you have to get a 24pac professional brush set. You don't necessarily need all that. You only need the basic a few that will do the job. For a beginner I would recommend the sigma 12pac brush set. It is budget friendly and has all that you need. I also trust sigma when it comes to making good quality brushes. They have one of the best quality brushes that will last long over a period of time.

#2. Primer
Your selection of a good primer should be based on your skin type. You need to know your skin type if you haven't yet and if you have inorder to select that which suits your skin type the most. For oily skin I recommend the ponds primer. I have oily skin and this is my go-to favorite primer. It mattifies your oily face and keeps it dry all day long without you having to worry about excessive sweat or oiliness. It is also very budget friendly and I'll advise you go for this as a beginner with oily skin. For other skin types make sure you go for a primer that suits your skin type best.

#3. Foundation
Another must have for you as a beginner is a foundation. It is very essential as it serves as the base for your makeup. It evens out your skin color and preps your skin for a all day long lasting wear. In selecting a foundation you also have to take into consideration your skin type. For an oily skin type go for a mattifying foundation that prevents sweat and oils likewise a dry skin go for a foundation that serves as a moisturizer in order to keep your face bright all day.

#4. Concealer
This is one of my favorite makeup essentials that I cannot do without neither can you. A concealer could serve various purposes but the most prominent is that it helps to cover spots or blemishes and can also be used to highlight the face. One of the things to look out for when selecting your concealer is to make sure it is a shade lighter than your normal skin color. It brightens up the face and creates an illuminous effect on your face.

#5. Brow pencil or brow gel
You need to always make sure your brows are on fleek as a beginner starting out with makeup but you can't achieve this without a brow pencil or brow gel. I personally will advice that you start out with a pencil due to it's easy application and use. Go for a shade that matches your skin color or tone for maximum effect.

So that's it for today guys!
I hope you found this post really helpful if you are just starting out with makeup, Please do make sure to ask any questions in the comment section on anything you'd love to know about makeup and I'll definitely answer your questions.
This is the part one of this post so be sure to subscribe below to be notified as soon as I post the next(part 2).

Thanks for reading beauties!
Love you all..xx

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