Sunday, 15 July 2018

Beginner Makeup Essentials 101 #BUDGETFRIENDLY(PART2)

Are you a newbie in the makeup world with absolutely no idea of what to do with makeup,what kind of products you need??..

I started a new series on the blog that will be answering all of your questions and providing information on what y'all need.

This series is basically for beginners in makeup but could also be useful for a makeup guru. I started out with beginner budget makeup essentials Part One and I'll be moving on to Part Two today. If you're yet to have read the Part One make sure you do before proceeding to the Part Two.

So let's get started:
#6. Eyeliner
Eye liners are the best when it comes to creating a cat eye look, a smokey eye and even while fixing your false lashes. They are certainly a must have for beginners in makeup. They come in different colors as well as forms like the gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and the water proof eyeliner. I would advice that as a beginner you go for the pencil for easy application and use.

#7. Eyeshadow palette (blush, highlight and contour).
As a beginner who is still testing out makeup and trying out what works, you definitely do not want to spend too much money on makeup. One of the reasons I would advice that you go for an eye shadow palette with a blush, highlight and contour. It saves you some money you could have used in getting a separate blush palette, highlight and contour palette as well as an eye shadow palette. But as you go on with makeup you certainly would want to get more. A lot of beauty brands do have palettes like this (nyx cosmetics,BH cosmetics,fbc cosmetics and so on).

#8. Lipsticks/lip liners
Who wouldn't want a perfect lipstick color for the lips. They are definitely a must have for every makeup lover. Even with a very natural and nude makeup look your lip color could completely give that extra glow that you wish to achieve. I personally love matte lipsticks but glossy ones are not bad either. For a beginner you only need three basic shades of lippies. They are red,nude and pink/purple. They go with almost every look you wish to create.

#9. Mascara
A mascara is an essential one too for a beginner especially if you are yet to start with falsies. They make your lashes look longer and thicker and who wouldn't want that especially when you're going for a dramatic look. They are just perfect.

#10. Compact/setting powder
A compact/setting powder is needed to set your makeup in place after application. You could go for either a compact or setting powder or even both. This is mostly important for a person with oily skin. It helps to prevent oils and sweat.

#11. Setting Spray
For a long lasting 24hour makeup look you certainly need a setting spray. It sets your face and makes sure your makeup stays in place all day. And for some for that love to achieve a finished dewy look it is just right.

So that's the end of the first part of this series!
I hope you guys have been able to learn a lot especially if you are a beginner with no idea on what you really need.
Please place your comments down below in the comment section if you have any questions or comments. Show your girl some love*winks.

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Love you all..xx

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